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Huawei Technologies Co. offers products and services in more than 170 countries, serving a third of the world's population. As one of Huawei's three primary business units, Huawei Consumer Business Group became the world's third-biggest smartphone maker in 2015, delivering a superior user experience on its world-class lineup of smartphones, PC and tablets, wearable and cloud services, etc. With 16 R&D centers in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China, Huawei opens up new possibilities for consumers through innovations in mobility, built on more than 20 years of industry-leadership in the global telecommunications market.




As Store Manager you will be responsible for:




1. Human Resources: To optimize the management of the organizational structure and human resources assigned to Huawei's own after-sales service center operation.


2. Repair data Management: Complete and correct registration in the Huawei system for the administration of the repaired and / or serviced devices in Huawei's own after-sales service center.


3. Customer Protection Data: Ensure compliance with consumer data protection, always following the compliance established by Huawei and the laws of the country.


4. Operation and Key Performance Indicators: Control and scope of the operational indicators established such as: Compliance with repair within 2 hours, recurring failures below the minimum% established, etc.


5. Spare Parts, accessories and Product: Planning of Components for repair, Accessories for exhibition and sales and product sample of exhibition in experience tables (Based on market models + new launched models)


6. Cost: Budget and report of control and administration of expenses.


7. Service-MKT: Planning, execution, control and reporting of activities on / off line of the M-ASC (Annual plan and compliance report in each execution)


8. Infrastructure Management: Administration and control of everything related to maintenance, replacement and cleaning of the areas of the property.


9. Experience Area: Attention and support in the experience area achieving the highest level of consumer satisfaction


10. Social Media and Customer Satisfaction: To guarantee in the Social Network higher score compared with main competitors as: Google Score, Face book, twitter, etc.. Customer’s comments and evaluation.


11. Store Decoration: Seasonal decoration for the store.




Main Requirements:


  • Bachelor degree in Telecommunications, Administration or Accommodation.

  • 4 years of experience as store manager, mobile, tablets, laptops, etc. Hospitality industry experience will also be considered.

  • Advanced level of English.

  • High level of achievement and negotiation.

  • High level of interaction and persuasion.

  • High degree of emotional intelligence for management and solution of conflicts, etc.

  • Acting as responsible, the effective and successful implementation of projects



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