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This role is geared towards the rare individual who can combine an eye for local design and a highly strategic mindset to find unforgettable pieces that are impactful and scalable. The Placement Specialist will carry out the design of the units made by the interior designers and of “building up” the apartments, delivering a finished, functional and livable unit.



- Fill up the Asana “Design <> Procurement>Name of the unit” with the standards needed for the unit based on the design and what’s inside of the unit, and, as a confirmation to the warehouse that jobs have already started in that unit and standards can be received.

- Follow up on Asana and Slack with Operations if any maintenance haven’t been fixed or needs to be reported as soon as jobs from placement are initiated in the unit.

- Supervise any painting work, mounting, or following step proposed with the Handyman assigned, as well as collaborating when possible. Always having judgement to report any inconsistency or objective suggestion.

- Receive, unwrap, check, build up with the handymen the standards, furniture and decoration, as well as reporting the furniture’s condition and its arrival in between working hours.

- Suggest solutions if any inconvenient, in matters of painting, wrong fit, damaged furniture, bad furniture quality, missing pieces, forgotten spaces, during the build up would happen.

- Report if any furniture pieces arrive in bad conditions as well as deciding to not accept it right on the spot because of the same reason.

- Complete the “Build up report” from the beginning of the project until the end and send it to the Placement supervisor.

- Ensure the units don’t have waste or trash left that would difficult the visibility of how the project is developing or would cause loss or damage of the pieces.

- Report any standards missing before finishing the project to the Procurement team so they’ll be able to bring the missing pieces in before ending the project.

- Close the project when the mounting is finished and all visible jobs are finished.

- Pick up pieces such as books, tiny folkloric pieces or similar details.

- Pick up decoration pieces directly on the store if there’s no possibility for the store to deliver them.

- Receive/Pick up the paint and painting tools when initiating a project. They must check that the paint is correct and as described in the file.





- Bachelor’s degree or higher in design or related field, experience at a start-up a plus.

- Professional experience in residential interior design: you’ve invested yourself into understanding “what makes a house a home” and have fun creating just that, you have just as much fun designing the most zen yoga room, as well as an inspiring work-oriented space.

- 1+ year experience in furniture store.

- 1+ year experience in project execution (related to interior design, industrial design, architecture or arts).

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