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Demand Planner

The Demand Planner position is responsible for all forecasting activities associated with customers and products. Leveraging forecasting software, the position creates and maintains statistical models for their customers, incorporating business intelligence and a collaborative effort with sales, marketing, finance, retailer replenishment analysts, and other sources.

The Demand Planner is accountable for the Demand portion of the monthly S&OP process. This involves compiling global forecast and gaining formal business alignment to the Demand Plan. The plan is then passed to suppliers for long term inventory and capacity planning. The Supply Planner is responsible for the capacity planning portion of the S&OP Process.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Bachelor degree: Industrial Engineer, Administration, Finance

APICS certified (Desirable)

Software: Galt, AX, Power BI, ERP (Oracle, SAP, etc), Office (Advanced Excel, Macros, tables)

Bilingual (English, Spanish)

3 year experience on planning, forecasting, S&OP, materials planning, production planning industrial.


- Review historical sales trends, research demand drivers, prepare forecast data, develop statistical forecast models, and evaluate forecast results.

- Interact with sales, marketing, and customer finance to develop a consensus and forecast event drivers across categories and customers.

- Develop complete analysis/timeline related to supply and demand for new product launches, products being phased-out, and products transferring production location.

- Develop aggregate level forecast to align cross-functional planning across the business unit.

- Use and maintain John Galt Solutions - Atlas Planning Suite as the primary forecasting system tool.

- Provide input to the supply chain for developing inventory strategies on existing items, new products, and product transitions.

- Participate in inventory planning and strategy development (safety stock management and analysis, promotional builds, etc.), communication of risks related to inventory and supply plans.

- Maintain metrics/scorecards on KPI's, including fill rates, inventory turns, forecast accuracy, excess & obsolete inventory, and production schedule adherence.

- Other duties/projects as assigned.


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