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Position description

•Engage with host-country partners, U.S. mission personnel, and other stakeholders on project-related issues and priorities.

•Manage the internal and external logistics to achieve the objectives of the Courtroom Competency Training program in relation to the training of Prosecutors, Forensic Experts, Criminal Analysts, and Criminal Investigators.

•Direct efforts for Mexican Prosecutors, Forensic Experts, Criminal Analyst and Criminal Investigator to successfully present solid, credible and pertinent testimony during trial, providing the triers of fact with sufficient, valid information to reach a just, supported and solid decision by the court.

•Direct efforts for Mexican Prosecutors, Forensic Experts, Criminal Analysts, and Criminal Investigators to cooperate in an organized and coordinated manner for the coherent and understandable presentation of testimonial evidence.

•Support the enhancement and ability of the Mexican Forensic Experts and Criminal Analysts to successfully present and defend their analyses at trial.

•Support the enhancement of testimony and evidence at trial through pre-trial teamwork between Prosecutors, Forensic Experts, Criminal Analysts and Criminal Investigators (creation of the Mexican Litigation Team).

•Support the sustainability of improved prosecution rates through the validation of the Courtroom Competency Training Course and the certification of Courtroom Competency Standards by the Government of Mexico.

•Support the establishment of professional certification standards for Courtroom Testimony for Mexican Litigation Team (Prosecutors. Experts, Analyst, Investigators).

•Track the requirements of the Mexican government, ICITAP management, and other project stakeholders.

•Create a motivating and encouraging environment for members of the ICITAP project

•Exercise good risk management techniques to identify and appropriately address threats and opportunities within the scope of this program.

•Provide precise communication to all project team members and report regularly on progress, challenges, and other issues to ICITAP management


- Experience working in a Mexican Law Enforcement or with Mexican State or Federal Attorney General Offices organization and/or Accusatory Penal System preferably having held a supervisory position

-  Training/education in related field. Equivalent Prosecutors, Forensic Experts, Criminal Analyst and Criminal Investigators training, and experience will be considered

- Experience litigating within the new Criminal Justice System in Mexico.

-  Proficient in written and oral Spanish language.

 Prefered qualifications:

-Experience as a sworn Law Enforcement officer and/or Prosecutor in a Mexican Accusatory System organization, preferably having held a senior management position - commander, major, captain, or lieutenant or chief – supervisor of the criminal unit or equivalent to these ranks.

-Knowledge of criminal pre-trial, court procedure in Mexico new accusatory system and operations law enforcement agency. 

- Equivalent Law Enforcement Investigator and/or Prosecutors training experience will be considered. Examples of such training may include homicide, drug, and other specialized criminal trial procedures; executive management programs; and public manager certifications.









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