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Desde $12,000 bruto por mes

Tipo de puesto:

This is a data-driven role that requires a balance of market analysis, budget management, and industry expertise. Sales analysts tend to work closely with sales and marketing teams while providing advice and guidance to decision-makers and company leadership.



- Analyze Sales Data: examine monthly, quarterly, and annual sales reports to identify sales patterns and areas for improvement, comparing actual sales data to revenue projections and expectations. Additionally, sales analysts assess market data, including competitors, to identify areas where the company can increase its efforts.

- Develop Projections and Forecasts: use previous sales data and market trends to develop forecasts and projections.sales analysts may develop reports showing expected sales and the potential effects of new strategies to aid in decision-making.

* Guide Marketing Efforts: work with marketing teams to develop promotional materials and campaigns. Using their data and research, sales analysts may identify markets to target with advertising and promotional efforts or determine how to best set the company.

- Examine Company Budgets: assess the company’s budget to guide investments in marketing and promotions. Examine projected cash flow and compare it to actual sales results to identify divisions that are not hitting sales goals.

- Present Reports to Company Leadership: In the course of reporting to company leaders, sales analysts also provide advice on increasing revenue, eliminating weaknesses within the company’s sales ecosystem, meeting sales goals, and improving marketing and promotional efforts in certain sectors.




- Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.

- 1+ years of sales experience.

- The ability to assess data sets and identify patterns and opportunities for improvement.

- Effective projection and forecasting skills.

- Effective presentation skills.

- Coordinate team activities and have strong leadership skills.

- Heavily on both written and verbal communication.

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