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Yazaki North America is a global leader in the research, development and delivery of vehicle power and data solutions. Yazaki works with virtually every major auto manufacturer in the world, and we've strived to maintain strategic and stable growth throughout our 83-year history. Today, we're on the lookout for energetic people with the potential to perform, as well as the ability to strengthen - and thrive in - the positive work environment we pride ourselves on. A positive environment is a great place to be. Ever notice how nice it is to work with happy people? We notice it all the time. That's because we work hard to create an environment that fosters ongoing collaboration, opportunity and respect amongst our employees. It's an environment that enables them to feel engaged, fulfilled and appreciated on a daily basis. By maintaining a positive work environment, we're able to have a more positive impact on the products and services we deliver to our customers, and also on the well-being of the people and communities who support us..

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